Brass Hammer

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Manufacturer of Brass Hammer Jamnagar

Everest Manufacturing Co manufactures and exports various Brass Hardware products like Brass Hammer. Brass Hammer Five in One consists of four Screw Drivers and a hammer.

This handy five in one, double headed brass hammer includes two straight screw drivers and two phillips head screw drivers. Knurled brass handles. The special shaped hammer head can be used to break glass in an emergency. All included tools store neatly in the handle of the hammer. Great tool to carry in your car or keep in that drawer or home toolbox for emergencies.

This versatile tool is no toy ! It can handle some of the toughest home or automotive jobs. Four different size screw drivers are nested inside the handle of the heavy - duty hammer. It also makes an impressive useful gift.


  • Size : As per customer requirement / specification
  • Material Used : Brass


  • Size : As per customer requirement / specification
  • Material Used : Brass

The company has a large number of automatic and semi-automatic machines, installed to manufacture a diverse and difficult range of brass hardware products. The production cycle includes casting, machining, polishing, lacquering and packaging. Our infrastructure is focused on world class quality and accuracy to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

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